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price difference for jr pass - local travel agent and website

Price difference for JR pass - local travel agent and website

If I get a JR pass from a local travel agent, will I be expected to pay extra for their services or do I pay the same amount as quoted by the website?


Hi there!

The standard price of the JR Pass is always in Yen, either 28,300 yen for 7 days, 45,100yen for 14 days or 57,700 yen for 21 days. Local travel agencies however use their own exchange rate and / or may charge you a booking or administration fee.

We use a very accurate exchange rate and don't charge your any additional fees, also our shipping rates are very reasonable and even free to some countries, in addition we only charge you once for shipping, no matter how many passes you order! This makes that we are on offer the best price out there.

Just make ask for a quote at your local agency to compare prices - I am confident that we offer the best price!

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