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our japan trip - fukuoka - mount fuji

Our Japan Trip - Fukuoka - Mount Fuji

Hi, we are going to Japan from 2-9 April, will arrive and depart from Fukuoka airport. Can you please recommend us an itinerary for the following activities:

  • Visiting Mount Fuji
  • See some snow (if possible)
  • Cherry blossom or beautiful garden
  • Castle or temple in Fukuoka

We are thinking of buying 7 days pass so it would be great if you could let us know which station to start and to go for each destination.

Really appreciate your help.


Hi there,

Visiting Mount Fuji
For this itinerary it would be easiest to visit Hakone, it's a very nice place to visit and view Fuji from. Also it is easy to access as Odawara station (the Shinkansen station for Hakone) is directly on the route between Fukuoka and Tokyo.

See some snow (if possible), this may be harder. Your best bet is to visit the Japanese alps, maybe do the Kurobe Alpine route.

Cherry blossom or beautiful garden, Sakura can be found almost anywhere during the season. Odori Koen is very nice in Fuokuoka.

Castle or temple in Fukuoka, Daizaifu is the best place for temples in Fukuoka. You could either take the Shinkansen to Kumamoto, Hiroshima or Himeji for a nice castle view.

Hope this helps,

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I also think Hakone would be the best choice to see Mt Fuji - actually often you can't, since the weather is not good. But you can still see many nice things there if the weather is not good.
The Kurobe Alpine trip is not open however April 2-9. This year it is open from April 10th.

Ohori Koen has extremely few cherry blossoms. The place you want to go to is next door, Maizuru Koen with the castle ruins:

Another great spot is Nishi Koen which is 10 minutes on foot north of Ohori Koen.

Dazaifu is one of the most historical shrines, but for best, nothing comes close to Nanzoin:

Hakozakigu and Kushida JInja are also quite famous in the region. For castles, there are many - the closest and best are Kumamoto, and Kokura in Kitakyushu.


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