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onsen recommendations

Onsen Recommendations


I am travelling to Japan in November, visiting Tokyo, Hakone, and ending in Kyoto. Between Hakone and Kyoto I have three days to fill.

I was hoping to visit Takayama for 2 nights, and was hoping to spend the third night at a rural onset town en route to Kyoto.

Does anybody have any recommendations of rural onset towns that would be within reasonable travelling distance of Takayama en route (or not too far out of the way) to Kyoto? Or alternatively one between Hakone and Takayama?

In light of the recent volcano eruption does anyone know if any train travel has been affected in Chubu?

Thank you



Sorry! That should say 'Onsen' - damn auto-correct!


Hi Ian,

You could visit Gero Onsen, which is only 30 minutes from Takayama and on route to Kyoto.

An alternative could be Kinosaki-Onsen, this is a very beautiful onsen town. Would add some extra travel time but it is well worth a visit.

A last option would be to head north of Kyoto and visit Kurama onsen, this is within Kyoto itself and also very famous. All these onsen offer a very nice experience.

The volcano eruption was in the Nagano and a very local event, it does not impact travel anywhere in Japan.

Hope this helps!

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