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new year time in japan

New Year time in Japan


We, a family of four adults, are arrivivg at Chibu Central Intl on the 1st of Dec. I read that it might be difficult to travel and that restaurants and even shops are closed during Dec. 1-3. Do the trains go during this time? And we can find something to eat, cannot we?

Since we have only 8 days, we are planning to see at least Kioto and Tokyo. Would it best to buy a 7 day Japan Rail pass? Are the trains really full during those days?

Could we get to Kioto from the airport and what would be the best way to go there?

What location would be the best to stay at the night brfore we depart from the Chibu airport? Our plain leaves at 11 so we would like to have accommodation close to good transportation to the airport.

Great that you have this site! So many questions buzz in my head since I really want this trip to everything I have dreamed of Japan.



Hi there,

Because of your subject title I assume that you mean the 1st of Jan? Either way trains will be running pretty normally. It is true that most local restaurants will be closed but there are enough chains open, Japan ever really closes for business.

A 7 day JR Pass would work great if you visit both Tokyo and Kyoto, it will also service as a single ticket for most of your travels.

As for your arrival, it may be hard to get tickets that day. Personally I would head to Nagoya and enjoy the city and a good Japanese meal, buy tickets to Kyoto for the next day and travel on in the morning.

Have a great trip!

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Thank you for your quick reply! Yes, we are arriving in Jan. :-) Nagoya is surely worth of a one-day visit.

Looking forward to our trip!



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