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need jr pass advice

Need JR pass advice

Dear All,
We are planning to visit Japan for a week in the end of March. Our itinerary for the moment looks as follows:
1. Day 1 - from Narita airport to Tokyo city
2. 3 days in Tokyo
3. Travel Tokyo - Hakone for 1 night
4. From Hakone to Kyoto - 2 nights
5. Kyoto - Narita airport
Total lengh 7 days
I would appreciate if you could advise me whwther this route is doable and whether I should byu a JR pass in advance.
Thank you and regards,


Hi Blan,

First, the itinarary is easaly doable. Only Kyoto --> Narita may be a little long 237 Minutes.

For the rest here is a little breakdown of ticket costs without the JRPass.

Narita airport --> Tokyo ¥ 2,740
Tokyo --> Odawara (for Hakone) ¥ 3,440
Odawara --> Kyoto ¥ 11,550
Kyoto --> Narita Airport ¥ 15,530

For a total of ¥ 33260 the 7 day JRPass is ¥ 28,300 saving you atleast ¥ 4,960 plus you can use it for local JR-Train in Tokyo to add a little more to the total amount of savings.

Hope this helps,

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Dear Daniel,
You are doing a great job!
Thank you very much


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