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need help for tips in japan tokyo

Need help for tips in Japan Tokyo

I am going to travel in Japan in 8.09.2014 -17.09.2014.
Can u please tell me..from Narita to Tokyo..
what pass it is better ..cheaper for me to make?
From Narita to Tokyo?
Bus..which one?it is better for me to make METRO PASS ..?can i make for 9days?
how mutch it cost?
I would like to go in Osaka also..but from Narita to Osaka ..i saw that is 500km...
how mutch is the price for the ticket?
Can anyone please help me ..with some tips...I would be very grateful..
everything will be very helpful for me...
What should I visited the most?
thank u


Hi there,

I would recommend buying a 1,500yen Narita Airport ticket upon arrival. It's the best way to get into Tokyo on budget.

After than you could also buy day ticket for travel around Tokyo after. Such as the Tokunai Kippu, which allows for unlimited travel within Tokyo for a single day or the all day metro ticket. Both are around 750yen/per day.

As for travel to Osaka. A one way ticket Tokyo - Osaka is ¥ 14,450

Hope this helps!

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thank u...
it is very helpful for me
so..the ticket for 7days ...metro is not so is day ticket...?:)
from where can I buy the Narita Airport ticket?
thank you...


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