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nearest place to tokyo to experience snow

Nearest place to Tokyo to experience snow

Hi , coming from a tropical climate country, my boys are really looking forward to experience snow fall. We are not into skiing. My kids would probably like to make snow balls or snowman like they normally watch on TV. We would be in Tokyo on the 3rd week of December. Can someone please help to suggest a place near Tokyo (preferably) where we can experience the snow. Alternatively, if there are none near Tokyo, where else close by can we go beside Hakuba. Thanks


Hi there!

Predicting weather is always hard but there may already be Snow in Tokyo in self by the end of December, otherwise the more you head up north the better the chance. Here's a map with average snowfall in Japan.

Yuzawa is a very nice place to visit, even if you are not interested in snow sports, alternatively Nikko is a good bet.

I hope this helps!

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