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My girlfriend and I are going to japan April 10-14,landing in Narita at 4pm on the 10th. My plan is to go to Kyoto that night, stay and travel around Kyoto/Osaka until April 12. Then we want to go to Mount Fuji from Osaka on the 12 (leaving Osaka in the early afternoon). The thing is I couldn't decide whether to do Osaka-kawaguchi-hakone or Osaka-hakone-kawaguchi. Which one would work better?? In the way that I will be able to explore more in Mount Fuji. Should I take the train from Osaka to Tokyo or shinjuku??? ....We're leaving Mount Fuji early morning to go back to toyko and then to narita airport.

Thank you!


Hi there!

Going Osaka - Hakone - Kawaguchiko is certainly the better option. Hakone is directly on the route between Osaka - Tokyo so it makes for a great stop over. At the same time, Kawaguchiko is better reached via Tokyo, so it makes sense to visit it last.

Here's a map to give you an idea of the route traveled, note that Odawara is the Shinkansen station for Hakone.

As for what trains to take: Osaka directly connected to Tokyo via the Shinkansen, from Tokyo station you can use local trains to travel to places such as Shinjuku.

I hope this helps!

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