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Narita Express

Arriving Narita 8pm - wanted to activate JRP at airport and catch NEX into Shinjuku. Not sure how long from arrival to checking through customs will take???? Looking at HyperDia it appears the last NEX I could get would be #54 (although there are 2 x #54) at 9:46pm. One goes to Shinjuku the other not.

What is the likelihood of making the last NEX?

What would you suggest the next best alternative? Evidently our accommodation is right beside a subway (Higashi Shinjuku).

Thanking you in advance.



Hi there,

This is a hard one to call. During normal times I think you would be able to make it. However it would get dicey in case of plain delays or if immigration is busy. Last time I arrived at Narita Airport it took me 40 minutes to get through customs and pickup my luggage. Remember though that you'll have the JR Pass and get your ticket as well.

I do think that you should be in time if no delays occur.

Alternatively you could use local train to travel to Shinjuku, as these run at later times than the JR Pass.

Hope this helps!

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