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nankai namba station exit and transfers

Nankai Namba Station exit and transfers

Hello. I'll arrive in Kansai airport late at night and will travel to Osaka through Nankai Express. I'll be visiting a friend who is also new to the area and all she knows is that I have to take exit 25 to get to her place. Is there a link between the Nankai-Namba station to exit 25 of the Namba subway? I've been studying the subway map and I can't identify a direct link.


Hi there,

Reading your question, I wish that I recall Namba station a bit better. The confusing part is that there are actually 3 Namba stations. Nankai Namba, JR-Namba and Namba (Subway).

With a bit of research I found this useful map of the subway station. My advise would be to follow the signs on Nankai Namba station to the Osaka subway. Looking at this map you would enter via entrance 4, you could then use this map or local signs to exit 25.

Hope this helps,

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Great! Thank you for the map Daniel! Much appreciated.


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