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multiple entry to/from japan

Multiple entry to/from Japan

Does three hours at the Tokyo Narita airport, waiting to change planes, constitute "entry" in to Japan as far as the Rail Pass is concerned?

I will be flying from the USA through Narita to Taipei, then coming back a couple weeks later to spend two weeks in Japan, and will want to activate my Rail Pass at that time.

When I fly through Narita the first time, I will be arriving on one airline and leaving on another, so I will need to re-check my luggage, and will probably have to go through customs — but I don't want the Rail Pass to count that as an "entry" into Japan.

Thank you.

Hi there,

This situation does not impact the JR Pass. The most important thing is that when you do enter Japan, that you will be entering using a single tourist visa.

Hope this helps,

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