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luggage transport nagoya-takayama

Luggage transport Nagoya-Takayama

We will be travelling between Nagoya to Takayama via Gujo for some Obon festival fun in August.

This trip can only be done by bus, and I understand it's not keeping the "wa" to take luggage on buses. Ideally we could just get our luggage sent directly to the hostel in Takayama so that it's waiting for us when we arrive.

Can anyone help us in this situation? Are there services which could do this for us? Or failing that, buses that would allow luggage and potentially station lockers in Gujo we could use?

Thank you!

Very excited.


Hello there!

This is a very special situation and I can only offer general tips for this, still I hope you find them useful.

First I would look at the package forwarding service from Yamamoto transport called the Ta-Q-Bin service. It allows you to send your luggage ahead to almost anywhere in Japan.

There are also lockers available at Gujo station (like any other station in Japan) however keep in mind that they may be in use as more people will be visiting the festival.

A last option would be to take it with you, depending on the bus type you will be traveling on. Most express buses do have a luggage compartment.

Hope this helps!

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