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luggage storage at shinjuku

Luggage Storage at Shinjuku


I'm travelling to Tokyo from 2-15 June. I will be staying in Shinjuku from 2-9 June. Thereafter, I'm making a trip to Hakone from 10-12 June.

I understand that large/extra-large lockers are available (though in small quantity) at Shinjuku Station, and I'm able to store my luggage for up to 3 business days. However, I also read online that station officers clear out the lockers at the end of each day.

May I know the best way to store my luggage from 10-12 June at Shinjuku? Alternatively, I may consider using Takyubin services and specify delivery of my luggage to the same Shinjuku hotel on 12 June.



Hi there,

Some lockers are indeed emptied at the end of the day while others allow storage up to 72 hours. While I don't know the exact situations at Shinjuku station, I don't think that they empty all lockers. The actual time is always written on the lockers to be sure to check that if you decide to use them.

You can also ask the hotel you are staying at if they can hold your luggage, usually if you come back to the same hotel after a couple of days, they won't mind, it is actually I commonly offered service. This will be better than sending it by Takyuhaibin, I would only do this as last possible option. You can select a delivery date but there is a maximum to the upcoming number of days you can select. You could also have a problem if for some unforeseen reason the package was delayed.

There is also the Rail Go Service @ Tokyo station that will store your luggage up to 15-days for 410 Yen a piece / per day. I would recommend asking the Tourist information near the South Marunouchi gate where to find it as it can be a little hard to locate.

Hope this helps,

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Sorry I meant the North Marunouchi gate, just besides the JR East Travel Service Centre.

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Love the Rail Go service. So handy.

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