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luggage storage at osaka/umeda station

Luggage storage at Osaka/Umeda Station

If I would like to storage my luggage at the above station about 7 days, which way is more cost effective, coin locker or storage room. My luggage will be either medium or large size.

One thing I'm quite confuse in coin locker is can we insert enough coin to cover few days storage? Or the station staff will clear the locker after certain days?

What is the operation hours for storage room?


Hi there,

Coin lockers generally can't be used for such a long period of time. It's ether 48h or sometimes 72h. So my advise would be to look for a cloakroom if you can. Although I am not ever sure if there is one available.

Perhaps you could ask your accommodation to hold on for it for a couple of days. Most hotels will provide this service if you could back.

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