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lost passport

Lost passport


Yesterday I went from Yokohama to Narita International Airport Terminal 1, by Express Train, from 11:59 to 13:27, car number 3, seat 7CD.

I think I dropped my passport in the train, so I contacted these offices
- Airport Lost And Found - JR Lost And Found - Police but they all said that nothing is found.

If I cannot find the passport, I have to wait until next Tuesday to make a temporary one in embassy. But I don't want to wait, is there anything that I miss? Please help me, thank you thousand times.


Hi there,

I am sorry to hear about your lost passport. I think you've already done the correct thing to do and contact the JR JR Lost And Found and Police. In case of a passport, I would also contact your embassy. Generally police will forward a found passport to them.

Other then that, its important to get your visa re-issued after getting a new (temporary) passport. I am sure the embassy will inform you about the details.

Good luck,

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