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lost backpack

Lost backpack


this is my first time and my very first day in Japan and unfortunately, someone took my black North Face backpack. I was taking the Narita Express towards Shinagawa.

I sincerely appeal to the person to return my backpack as I have very important documents inside. I'll give a reward to my found backpack.

Appreciate all help please.

I've alr reported this to the lost and found counter but no one has surrendered it yet.

Thank you.


I went through something very similar, my fault. I lost passes within the Shinjuku Station.
I was in all the outputs / inputs and no one had returned the passes. One of the attendant then decided to help me and we went Found / Lost Station and two people have found and returned.
Go back into the station for help. The people are very, very honest.
Good luck


Hi sseijiis,

I hope so. So far, no news yet. :(
Really making my entire trip very upsetting.


Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear about losing your backpack!

Although there is little I can do directly, I would advise asking at the lost and found department at both Shinagawa and the end station of the Narita Express you were on.

Additionally ask JR East by phone if they have found anything. The number is (050) 2016-1603.

All the best,

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Hi Daniel-San,

Thanks for the reply. Still no news yet. I've called the helpline but it seems that no one has reported it so far.

Very upset given that I read so many found stories in Japan. I really hope whoever finds it will read this post and contact me. There are some items that were given by my late grandmother and it means the world to me.
Hoping for a miracle this coming Christmas.

If anyone knows of anything else that I can do, appreciate if you can advise please. Thanks alot.


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