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late night shinkansen

Late Night Shinkansen


We're travelling to Japan, we arrive 4th July approx ~ 20:30 at night for about 14 days and I was wondering if the Shinkansen trains to Kyoto will run late at night ? or should we take one of those highway buses instead?

Also we are planning on purchasing the JR rail pass - does the rail pass still work in Kyoto & Osaka or is it a better idea to get the 14 day pass?



Hi there,

Shinkansen stop service at midnight and I am afraid that there won't be a connection available on the same day, when you arrive at 20:30. Instead I would look at staying a night near the airport and travel on to Tokyo the following morning, or possibly take a highway bus. Though there too you have the risk of losing your connecting in case of a flight delay.

The JR Pass is valid on local JR lines in Tokyo and Kyoto. In Tokyo is the enough to see most of the Metropolis, while in Kyoto there the coverage is limited.

Hope this helps,

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