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kyoto/osaka - fukuoka - kanazawa - takayama - kyoto

Kyoto/Osaka - Fukuoka - Kanazawa - Takayama - Kyoto


I am thinking about doing small trip in Japan and I was wondering can u still buy JR pass since i will leave from Finland in 23th. Is it too late? Or can I buy it in Japan?

And I can't find much information trains and stuff. Can someone help me how to travel? Never used train in Japan before~

My schedule ?

Leaving Kyoto/Osaka on 27th --> Fukuoka
Fukuoka 29th --> Kanazawa
Kanazawa 31th --> Takayama
Takayama 02th --> Kyoto

I saw some train tickets that are pretty expensive like Fukuoka - Kanazawa was 19640 yen

If its not possible to buy JRP anymore i will make Kyoto-fukuoka-kyoto trip since it would be too expensive for me.

And yeah i know its kinda late planning :s I was too busy with other stuff i forgot to plan


It may be too late to have the exchange order reach you by your departure date. But between the 23rd to the 27th will you have a stable address in Japan if it's mailed to you?

You cannot buy a full JR Rail Pass in Japan. Only regional passes such as on:

There is a lot to see in your itinerary though. Fukuoka has many nice places to see - the best though is not even in the tour books or guides. Be sure to see the Nanzoin Temple just 20 minutes by train from Hakata Stn.:

For other good things to see and do, have a look at:

You can use a Fukuoka Tourist City Pass when in the city:

For Kanazawa, be sure to see the Kenrokuen Garden - it is rated as the best traditional garden in the country. For Takayama, you may wish to branch out to see Shirakawa-go and Ogimachi.

For Kyoto, the big 3 sights to see are Kinkakuji, Kiyomizudera, and the Fushimi Inari Shrine. There is a lot so plan accordingly:


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