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kyoto to naga

Kyoto to Naga

What is the best way to go from Kyoto to Naga?


Hi there!

Are you thinking of the Town "Nara"? If so it's an easy hop on the train from Kyoto to Nara (45mins).

If you are thinking of the older town of Naga in Wakayama that has merged with nearby towns in 2005 to become Kinokawa, then you should head to Wakayama first with the JR Pass, and then transfer to the Wakayama Electric Railway to Kishi station.

Here are the main JR stops I mention on our map :)

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Hi there!

Nice post Mari! I had no idea that Naga was merged into Kinokawa.

Haven't seen you around for some time, I hope things have been good!

PS: Sorry playing Ninja and taking over the topic :)

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