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kansai international airport - osaka - kyoto - tokyo

Kansai International Airport - Osaka - Kyoto - Tokyo

Hello there,

Good evening! I would like to seek for your advise whether or not should I get myself a 7-day JR Pass based on my itinerary as follows:

  1. Arrival @ Kansai International Airport (early in the morning say 7am?) --> Osaka (either abeno station/tennoji station)
  2. upon check in, will be traveling within Osaka for a day (Sumiyoshi-taisha shrine, osaka castle, dotonbori)

  3. Osaka --> Kyoto (karasuma station)

  4. upon check in, will be traveling within kyoto for 2 days (nishiki market, gion, higashiyama, kiyomizudera, fushimi inari shrine, kinkakuji)

  5. Kyoto --> Tokyo (jr koenji station / tokyo metro Higashikoenji)

  6. upon check in, will be traveling within tokyo for 4 days (shibuya, shinjuku and etc)

  7. Jr koenji station / tokyo metro Higashikoenji --> Narita International Airport

If you think 7 days JR Pass for the above mentioned itinerary is insufficient, please advise me what are the other passes i should get.

Thank you.


Hi there,

I checked your itinerary for the best option and would advise normal normal tickets for your travels. Since you travel from place to place, there is not really a local pass which would help you make savings.

Something of interesting could be the 500yen bus ticket in Kyoto this ticket gives you unlimited travel on buses in Kyoto for a single day. A normal bus ride is 230 en, so it's easy to make savings. Not to mention that the main transport method within Kyoto is the bus.

Hope this helps,

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