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jr tokyo wide pass - nagano

Jr Tokyo Wide Pass - Nagano

Hi! Highly appreciate if someone can advise me on whether I can use Jr Tokyo Wide Pass to go Nagano (Yudanaka Station). Thanks.


Hi there,

I am afraid that it does not even get you close to Nagano. The furthest if would get you would be Sakudaira.

If you wish to travel to Nagano, consider using a JR East Nagano Pass or Japan Rail Pass instead.


Hi Daniel!
Does JR East Nagano Pass cover Gunma (Kusatsu Onsen)?
Appreciate if you can check out my draft itinerary and advice me on what pass/bus to use :
Day1 - Shinjuku
Day2 - Kamakura (Festival)
Day3 - Tokyo skytree (Gold fish festival)
Day4 - Farmer's market & Ghibli
Day5 - Nagano - Obuse - Shibu Onsen - Fruit Picking
Day6 - Kusatsu Onsen
Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.


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