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jr pass yes or no/1 week 2 weeks?

JR pass yes or no/1 week 2 weeks?


My wife and I planned a vacation to Japan in July, we are looking so much forward to it!
I have some problems in choosing the right options for us concerning the train tickets.
we will be flying in to tokyo on the 24 th of july ( tuesday), spending 1 night in Tokyo. On wednesday (25 th)we would need a train to Nara where we will check out on monday the 30 th. we would like to take one or 2 daytrips to kyoto and or osaka ( not sure yet ) omn the 30 th we will return to Tokyo and on friday teh 3 rd of august we return back home.
Would there be any benefit for us to take a 2 week pass? since we ony travel far in the first for instance using the metro when we are in Tokyo?

in other words, what would be a usefull solution for us?

its for 2 adults.

thank you very much!



Hi Robert-Jan,

I think in your case a 7 day rail pass would be perfect for activation on arrival in Japan on the 24th and use up until the 30th. This will ensure you capture both your journey from the Airport and return trip to Nara, Kyoto and Osaka under the JR Pass, maximising your savings. A 14 day rail pass is unlikely to be a cost effective choice, unless you do significantly more travel than this.

When in Tokyo from the 30th evening onwards, you should look to purchase special 1-2 day metro travel cards for overseas visitors, and/or a Suica or Pasmo prepaid travel card to take you to the end of your trip.

Hope this helps!

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Hello Mari,

Thank you, it helps a lot.
Thank you for the fast response also :)
I will have a look at the travel cards for Tokyo as well.

All the best,



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