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jr pass for one month trip ?

JR pass for one month trip ?

I am planning a one month trip around the country near the east sea of japan.
now target on a few place eg : osaka, kyoto, Nara, Wakayama, Fuji, Tokyo
any JR pass is suitable for my trip?


Hi there,

The JR-Pass would be suitable for this journey because it you can get it to get to most of the places without extra cost (except for Fuji). If it would be worth it in terms of money however would depend on how often you would use it. For instance if you travel every 2 days or so it can be really great value, however if you plan to stay for 5 days or more everywhere other kinds of tickets may be of better use.

Of course if you would want to use a JR-Pass for 1 month straight you can always buy a 3 week pass and add an other 1 week pass (or 2 14-day passes).

Hope this helps,

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