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jp 7 days pass + jr kyushu 3 days pass

JP 7 Days pass + JR Kyushu 3 Days pass

Dear sir,
I'm going to JaPan next week, I just bought a Japan Rail 7 Day coupon and now thinking about to buy another 3 days JR Kyushu Northern pass when arrive Tokyo Narita , is it ok to do this ? and could I use this pass to booking a seat on The Aso Boy train in a green window at Narita ?

Best Regards
B Tran

Ba Tran
Ba Tran

Hi there,

Of course you can also buy a JR Kyushu pass to supplement your JR Pass and you can use the JR Kyushu Northern pass on the Aso Boy train.

What you should be aware of is that the JR Kyushu pass is that you can only buy the Kyushu pass while you are in Kyushu itself (it is not sold in other parts of Japan, including Narita Airport). This would mean either buying the pass abroad or using your JR Pass to travel to Kyushu and then buy it there.

More details about purchasing the JR Kyushu pass can be found here.

I hope this helps,

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