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japan visit -29 april until 2 may 2014

Japan Visit -29 April until 2 May 2014

We arrive by ship in Osaka at the Tempozan Pier and will travel to Kyoto for one night. On the evening of 30 April we will travel to Tokyo (Tokyo Station) staying 2 nights. Then going to Narita on 2 May to fly home on United Airlines.

  1. Should we purchase a rail pass? ( Will be using train from Osaka to Kyoto(29Apr) Kyoto to Tokyo(30 Apr.) On 2 May Tokyo to Narita.)

  2. If yes to the rail pass. Do we purchases it before leaving the USA?

  3. How long does it take to get to Narita from the Tokyo Station? How often do the trains run? Is United Airlines in Terminal 1 or 2?

  4. How do we travel from (or the best and cheapest way) the cruise dock(Tempozan Pier) to Kyoto Station in Kyoto? We will a large suite case each -----any idea of the cost of a taxi from the dock to the train station for Kyoto?

Thank you for your help, Frank and Sarah -SF,CA


Hi there,

1.) For a one way trip Osaka - Kyoto - Tokyo I would recommend buying normal tickets, the JR Pass is great if you make a return Osaka - Tokyo for instance but does not pay off for a one way trip.

2.) The JR Pass can only be purchased abroad.

3.) It takes about 90 minutes, trains depart every 30min and requires a seat reservation beforehand. HERE is a complete list will all airline departures.

4.) I would not recommend a Taxi, the distance is over 50km and you could easily ramp up a fare of over 20,000yen. What I would recommend going is traveling to Osaka station and to take the JR Rapid service to Kyoto, which takes just 29 minutes and 540/yen.

Hope this helps!

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