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is the jr pass worth it?

Is the JR Pass worth it?


We are visiting Japan for 12 days in March (16-28th)
Our itinerary is:

16th Arrive in Tokyo
17th Hiroshoma
18th Kyoto
22nd Hakone
24th Tokyo
leave on the 28th

I am a bit confused with the rail lines and can't work out if it would be more beneficial to get a 14 day JR Pass or a 7 Day pass and pay for a few individual trips?? e.g.: tokyo-narita return

If anyone could help, give any advise or recommendations it would be greatly appreciated

Thank you :)


Hi there,

I would advise a 7 day JR Pass for this itinerary. You could make the best savings by using it between the 16th and 22nd. This way you can cover all, otherwise expansive, Shinkansen travel.

For Hakone, look at an Hakone Free Pass. Which can also be used for travel back to Tokyo.

From there just buy normal tickets for the last couple of days.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Daniel, thats really helpful.

I had a look at the link....if we are heading up to Hakone from Kyoto & purchase the pass at Odawara Station, will that still include the trip to Shinjuku?
Or is it only return from the station its purchased at?

Thanks for your help :)


Hi again!

There are different versions available, please purchase the option which includes travel to Shinjuku at Odawara station. Just let the staff know what you wish to do.

You could also buy an Odawara version and take a local train to Tokyo, this will cost ¥ 1,490 for a one way ticket.

Hope this helps :)

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