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I have planned my itinerary in Tokyo.
They are as follow,

Day 1 (Fri)

Day 2 (Sat)

Day 3 (Sun)

Day4 (Mon)
Tokyo Disney Land

Day 5 (Tues)
Tokyo Disney Sea

Day 6 (Wed)
Fujiq Highland/Fujiyama Onsen

Day 7 (Thurs)
Asakusa/Ryogoku/Tokyo Skytree/Ueno

Day 8 (Fri)
Shinjuku/Harajuku/Shibuya/Shimokitazawa/Meiji Shrine

My questions are,
Which area would you recommend staying? Also, should I purchase the JR Pass, and which?

Thank you in advance


Hi there,

I would recommend purchasing normal tickets as you travel or look at day passes within Tokyo for sightseeing. The JR Pass works great if you travel cross country but most of your travel is located around Tokyo.

As for a place for staying. You could stay anywhere in Tokyo, since you plan visit everywhere. Stay near Shinjuku/Shibuya if you want to be in the middle of the metropolitan life or near Ueno/Asakusa if you prefer a more relaxed downtown feel. Both Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ueno are on the Yamanote loop line, given easy access to anywhere in Tokyo.

Hope this helps,

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