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haruka and icoca pass

Haruka and ICOCA pass

Hi. I would like to get some more information on the Huruka and ICOCA card pass.

I see this a great deal for traveling within the Kansai region. It seems to be more convenient for the traveling process. I would like to be really sure this is good for me.

I will travel from Kansai Airport but need to get off at Osaka Station. I will becoming in late to Osaka so having to walk further is not preferable from the shin-osaka station. I feel I do not want to waist money on the Haruka if I am not to actually use it. I will take the JR Kansai Airport Line instead. Any thoughts on this being a big waist of money if purchased?

I will also travel Kobe, Kyoto, and Nara. All in 4 full days.

Will I need to purchase a different ticket to Nara?

I will have to take limousine bus to the airport because of an early flight, can I use the ICOCA card?

If I am to purchase this Huruka and ICOCA card, is it best to get a one way or two way card? I am confused a little, if I get a one way does it mean I will not be able to use the card after the first day ANYWHERE or is this just for the Huruka rail?

Last question. If I go to Kyoto, can I use the Huruka line from shin-osaka or is it best to just take the JR Tokiado/Sanyo Main line?


Hi there,

You may be better of by just buying a normal ticket for the JR Kansai Airport Line and a separate ICOCA card, if you go directly to Osaka. The Haruka + ICOCA package is especially nice if you go from Kansai Airport directly to Kyoto.

You can then use the ICOCA card from travel to Nara/Kyoto/Kobe however I don't think that it is valid for the limousine bus.

From travel between Tokyo - Kyoto, use the JR special rapid service between Osaka and Kyoto station, it only takes 29min and 540yen for one way, you can use the ICOCA card for this if you wish.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Daniel! This was very helpful information!



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