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hakata to hiroshima

Hakata to Hiroshima

Hi, I am planning a day trip from Hakata to Hiroshima and am looking for a price for a day return ticket. I will only be in Japan for three days so don't need the rail pass. I have checked the Hyperdia site but it doesn't seem to give return fare prices and the single fare with a reserved seat is 8900 yen (£74) which seems rather a lot. Hope you can help.


Hi brenda,

Japanese JR fares are all priced as single tickets. To calculate the return price, you will need to double the price of a single one way.

I've just checked hyperdia and your original search is correct - a one way to Hiroshima (1.5hrs) will cost ¥8700. The return will be double this, at ¥17,400. The high prices for regular tickets is the main reasons why the JR Pass makes sense for a lot of travellers.

As an alternative, you should consider a bus. The JR Bus (4 hours) is ¥4000, and the night bus can be as low as ¥3000 if bought in advance.

Hope this helps!


Hi Mari
Many thanks for your speedy reply and all your help. The information given is great and really, really useful.


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