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fuji 5 lakes or hitachi seaside park ?

Fuji 5 Lakes or Hitachi Seaside Park ?


Currently our planned Itinerary goes like this:

Kyoto - 4 days
Nara - 1 day
Alps - 7 days
Fuji lakes area - 1 day
Tokyo - 2.5 days

We're thinking to switch Fuji lakes area with a visit to the Hitachi Seaside Park.
So we'll reach Tokyo a day earlier (instead of going to Fuji's) and take a day trip to the Hitachi Park.
Since it'll be on October 14th we thought the red thingy there will be nice :)

What do you think? Does it worth it? Giving up on Fuji's area for a visit to this park?


Hi there,

It sounds like a good idea, Fuji is always nice but you can see it from the train going to Tokyo. Adding the Hitachi sea side park will make your trip a little more special :)

Enjoy Japan!

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