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from niseko to kyoto

from Niseko to Kyoto

Hi, me and my family of 6 persons including a baby (1year old) are currently enjoying beautiful Niseko.

This saturday the 20th we are leaving Niseko to our final destination Kyoto. We have already booked a green JR railpass and we are wondering if you could help us with a time table and suggest the best possible route to travel to Kyoto.Do we have to prebook first class tickets? We know already that it is a long travel and therefore we are hoping you could help us with a suggestion of where we should stop for the night along the way. We have as mentioned with us a 1 year old baby so we are prepared to use two days to get from Niseko to Kyoto.

Hoping for a fast answer.

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Hi there,

Niseko - Kyoto is indeed a long trip and it makes perfect sense to stay the night somewhere in between.

To start with the route would look like this in one go. Only difference being that you'd use the Hikari service instead of the Nozomi for the part between Tokyo and Kyoto.

Looking at the route, it would make sense to make a stop somewhere in the middle. The best place that comes to mind would be Sendai. This is a nice city and there's enough to do if you want to do a bit of sightseeing too. Especially a side trip to Matsushima is nice.

Here is an example route Niseko to Sendai.

From Sendai to Tokyo

Tokyo - Kyoto.

Its a bit of a trip but its certainly possible and traveling Green Class will be a big help. Be sure to get reserve your tickets in advance, even if it is just 30min before departure.

Hope this helps,

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