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economical 7day japan experience

Economical 7day Japan experience

Hi Daniel,
Itinerary below is what I plan for my family (husband and 10yr old son) to experience 'amazing Japan' in January 2014.
Can you please suggest what you think of those in question?

Day 1 Wed 08 – Osaka
Arrive Osaka (Kansai International Airport), 0825 Osaka sightseeing

Osaka castle
                what more?

(sleep at Shin-Osaka Station Hotel) Day 2: Thu 09 – Osaka – Tokyo by Shinkansen
Tokyo sightseeing

Imperial Palace
                Akihabara and where to buy Beyblades?
Tower or top of building (night views)

(sleep at Hotel Horidome Tokyo) Day 3: Fri 10 – Tokyo
Tokyo Disneyland (is it good to go on Friday or Saturday?)

(sleep at Hotel Horidome Tokyo)

Day 4: Sat 11
Snow Park or Eiga Mura?

Day 5: Sun 12 Tokyo – Osaka by Shinkansen via Gotemba for Mt Fuji views
then Kinosaki Onsen or Kurama Onsen?

Day 6: Mon 13 – Osaka
Universal Studio

(sleep at Hotel Consort-Osaka) Day 7: Tue 14 – day out to Kyoto

Kinkakuji Golden Pavilion
               Fushimi Inari
Gion street
Nishiki market
Arashiyama money park
Kawaramachi street
               Can we do this in one day?

(sleep at Hotel Consort-Osaka) Day 8: Wed 15
Depart Osaka (Kansai International Airport), 1100

Thanks so much!


Hi Elsie,

Good to see that you are giving thought to good planning, also your itinerary is coming together nicely.

Let's start with Tokyo, a visit to Akihabara will be a great experience and I think that you son will love it. I could not tell you an exact store where you can buy Beyblades but there are many small shops in the area - selling all kinds of stuff - and I am sure that you will find them. Visiting the Disney resort in a weekend is always more busy than during the week, going a day earlier may be a better option.

On day 5 I would personally go to Kinosaki Onsen, both because the town is very cosy and you have a wide range of onsen to choose from. I would recommend staying the night and travel to Osaka the following morning to really get the experience.

Lastly for your visit to Kyoto, make a selection. Making a visit to all places really would be a rush trip and would not benefit the experience. Kinkakuji, Goin, Nishiki, Kiyomizudera and Kawaramachi all line up nicely and are closely located. Arashiyama and Fushimi do take extra time to get to and are best visited as half-a-day trip. I think you may not have time at all to visit either one of them with all the other places. I would recommend getting a Kyoto bus ticket to travel around the city. It is only 500yen and allows for unlimited travel.

Enjoy Japan!

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Thank you very much Daniel. We're all really excited and looking forward to seeing Japan.


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