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distance concerns and 7-day jr pass

distance concerns and 7-day JR pass

Am taking Narita Airport and JR Rail Pass, I know that their is NEX to Shibuya, but kindly extend info on the place/Hotel and its estimated time of walk and distance of the following concerns:

a. What is the nearest exit of Shibuya Sta going to Granbell Hotel?

b. How many minutes walk from the Train (get off) to exit of letter A?

c, How many minutes walk from the exit proper of train to Granbell Hotel

d. Lastly, since i have 7 day JR Pass, NEX from airport to Shibuya and back is part of my unlimited rides for 7 days right?

Advance thanks, need your advise soonest. Regards!



You should contact the hotel or their website regarding walking distances etc.
Also, yes using the N'EX from the airport would count as Day #1 - as long as you return to Narita by Day 7 then you are fine.


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