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day trips from nagoya

Day trips from Nagoya

Hi. I'll be based in Nagoya for a few weeks and am curious about day trips using the JRPass. Can I go to Hiroshima & back in one day? How about Mt Fuji--just for some pictures not climbing it.


Hi there,

Nagoya is very central so you have a lot of day trip potential. I recommend the following:

  1. Nagoya > Takayama: ¥6070, (150mins, 166km). Takayama is a lovely old town up in the Japan Alps. The trip on the wideview train is spectacular.
  2. Nagoya > Toba: ¥2890, (103mins, 122km). The Ise peninnsula (including Toba) is a particularly beautiful part of Japan. A trip here would need some research as it's not a city visit, but Ise is a lovely part of Japan to visit, full of old shrines like Ise Jingu buried in ancient forests and breathtaking coastlines.
  3. Nagoya > Kyoto: ¥5640, (37mins, 147km). A short trip on the bullet to a historic old city with lots of site seeing potential.
  4. Nagoya > Hiroshima: ¥13630, (168mins, 528km). A longer trip to a very historic town. Possible in 1 day, but it's a long journey.
  5. Nagoya > Odawara (for Hakone): ¥8900, (71mins, 282km). From Odawara you'll need to use the Odakyu lines to get up to Hakone for sight seeing around the lakes around Mt Fuji.
  6. Nagoya > Otsuki (for Kawaguchiko closer to Mt Fuji): ¥12520, (188mins, 414km). From Otsuki you'll need to use non-JR lines to get to lake Kawaguchiko at the foot of Mt Fuji. A longer trip than Odawara/Hakone as Otsuki is on the other side of Mt Fuji.
  7. Nagoya > Tokyo: ¥10780, (106mins, 366km). At under 2hrs on the bullet train, a day trip to Tokyo is totally doable from Nagoya and highly recommended if you're not already going there as part of your trip. If it's a clear day, on the way to Tokyo sit on the left hand side of the Bullet train for a great view of Mt Fuji near the Shizuoka stop.

Phew! I didn't realise that Nagoya has such huge potential for good day trips with the Japan Rail Pass! I included the single ticket costs of each leg to give you an idea about whether a Japan Rail Pass will be economical for you.

Hope this helps!

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