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asking about hotel room in japan

Asking about hotel room in Japan

I just book a room in osaka straight at the hotel website. I still have a little double about the plan so I want to ask for explanation.

On the comfirmatiom mail they send me:

プラン:【エコプラン♪】清掃&アメテニィ交換が2日に1度♪ 1泊目 04/26 (日) -----------------------------
人数:2人 食事なし 室数:1 室 客室:《禁煙》セミダブルベッドルーム(添い寝不可)(14㎡ / ベッド幅120cm) 大人@ 1,950 円 x 2 名

What does (添い寝不可) mean?

I book 1 room for 2 person and the term from what I understand is "cannot sleep together". Does it mesn that the two of us cannot stay together in just a semi-double bedroom or what?

I contacted the hotel via mail in English but they haven't replied me yet.
Any help are appreciated. Thank you a lot.


Hello there,

They say the bed that you've booked is rather small for two persons (semi-double bed). So they basically warn you that it is not advisable to sleep in it together (but you can certainly do it).

Hope this helps,

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