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any one day trip recommendations from kyoto?

Any one day trip recommendations from Kyoto?

So we are planning our kyoto trip and we may have one extra day and was wondering where we could go for a 1 day trip out of kyoto prefecture. We are already going to osaka after kyoto. Any recommendations are welcome!

Thank you!


Hello there,

Nara is the first place that comes to mind when considering a day trip from Kyoto. However there are many options available from Kyoto.

Himeji is a very nice visit, especially since the castle just got renovated.

Kinosaki-Onsen is a very nice place if you want to experience Japanese Onsen.

Kobe is also a very nice place. There are many smaller attractions there that can easily fill your day. Such as the local China Town, Sake Breweries and history related visits.

Hope this helps,

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