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7-day pass for tokyo-kyoto(2nights stay)-osaka-hiroshima(?)-tokyo

7-day pass for Tokyo-Kyoto(2nights stay)-Osaka-Hiroshima(?)-Tokyo


I'm planning to travel to Japan and know someone that will give us a tour in Tokyo area so the 7day pass will be outside of Tokyo. I need some suggestions and help as I'm planning my trip for mid-December.

I'm thinking of going to Hiroshima after Kyoto. Also if one day in Osaka is good enough and not really planning to visit Universal or the aquarium. My schedule after Kyoto is open for suggestion as I'm still planning where to go.

If there's still time to stop by at Hakone on the way to Tokyo that'll be a bonus. I'm not sure if this schedule is too tight for a 7day pass.

1 Tokyo-Kyoto
2 Kyoto (2 nights)
3 Kyoto-Osaka
4 Osaka - Hiroshima
Hiroshima - Miyajima
Hiroshima - Hakone (?)
Hakone - Tokyo

There's been lot of great post on this site/forum and they're very helpful.
Thanks in advance for your response.


Hi there,

I think that you've already made a great base itinerary. What I would change is the order of visiting Hiroshima and Osaka. Personally I would plan Osaka after Hiroshima, because the trip Hiroshima - Tokyo/Hakone is a pretty long one. This way you spread travel around better. This will also make stop at Hakone easier to plan in, because you will arrive there faster coming from Osaka.

Also love the visit to Miyajima!

Hope this helps,

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