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11 days -(22nd oct to 1st nov)

11 days -(22nd OCT to 1st NOV)

Planned to go OSAKA(4D3N) -Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route(2D1N) - Hakone (3D2N) - Disney(3D2N)

22nd OCT to 25th OCT
Osaka, Kyoto(travel back on the same day), Nagoya ( travel back on the same day)

25th OCT ( can only travel out of Osaka in the afternoon, husband doing Osaka marathon) to 27th OCT
Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

27th OCT to 30th OCT

30th OCT to 1st NOV

My question is how to I travel to Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route via OSAKA. And after that how can I travel from Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route to Hakone?
Should I buy a 7day JR or 14day JR ?



Presumably you'd like to start the Route from the Toyama side, so you need to get on the JR Thunderbird ltd. express from Osaka to Kanazawa, and then you transfer to the JR Hokuriku bullet train to Toyama. The trip there is around 3 hours. It'd be sad if you missed seeing Kanazawa though - for starters it has what most people regard as the country's most beautiful traditional historical garden, Kenrokuen.
For getting from the other end of the Route (Shinano-Omachi) to Hakone is going to be long. To maximize the use of your pass, you'd need to go to Matsumoto, then catch a ltd express train to either Nagoya or Yokohama, and then go to a city like Odawara, where you can buy a Hakone Free Pass to save money for Hakone sightseeing. But getting there either way is going to be close to 5 hours.
You can easily make a 7 day JR Pass pay off, but for a 14 day you'd need to add a lot more travel to make it worth it.

Best of luck!


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