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2 weeks in Japan: 7 or 14 days JR pass?

about 7 years ago
3 responses


I have read a lot of posts in this forum and would like to thank all people doing reply here. You are great, you do help people to find the best options!

Still I have several questions and do hope that you will reply with the suggestion what is best for me.

Me and my girlfriend will have 2 weeks vacation in Japan. We arrive at 11th of June (Narita), and will leave 24th of June (Narita). Our goal is to visit lots of Japan.

We consider buying 7 days JR pass for sure for the second week, but still estimating maybe 14 days would also be an option if to include first week of travels.

Here is the plan for travel around Japan:

First week:
June 11: Narita --> Tokyo
June 12: Tokyo
June 13-14: Tokyo --> Nikko (stay night there, is it wotrh?) Maybe 1 day in Nikko is enough? --> Tokyo
June 14-15: Tokyo --> Takayama
June 15-16: Takayama --> Shirakawa-go --> Kanazawa Is it worth to stay 2 days?
maybe worth seeing something else? Return to Tokyo and do some trip around it?

Second week:
June 17-18 - Tokyo --> Osaka --> Mount Koya (Koyasan)
June 18-20 - Hiroshima --> Matsue; Iwakuni (kintai-kyo); Miyajima
June 20-21 - Okayama; Tottori; Himeji
June 21-22 - Nara; Kyoto
June 22-24 - Tokyo. 23 evening back to Tokyo (24 leaving home)

Should I buy Japan Raill Pass or I have to buy some Japan Raill pass West and Japan Rail pas East?

Thank you for the suggestions and answers to my questions!

Best regards,

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about 7 years ago

Hi Sarunas,

Welcome to the forums :)
I see that you already have your itinerary well planned, especially like the part where you visit Takayama, Shirakawago and Kanazawa, there is more than enough to see and visit here in two days time.

Going to the question about a 7 day or 14 day JR Pass, I think that a 14 JR Pass would be well worth it, for instance a return Tokyo Takayama would already really pay save you more money that the cost for the upgrade.

Here is a list with ticket prices:

Narita -> Tokyo ¥ 3,140
Tokyo Nikko (return) ¥ 11,260
Tokyo --> Takayama ¥ 14,600
Kanazawa --> Tokyo ¥ 13,010

This adds up to ¥ 42,010, which is for the first week alone. To cost for the upgrade from the 7 day to the 14 day JR pass is ¥ 16,800. So you would really make some good savings here (¥ 25,210).

Now on the the 2nd week:
Tokyo - Osaka :¥ 13,950
Osaka - Hiroshima ¥ 10,150
Hiroshima - Matsue ¥ 9,770
Matsue - Iwakuni ¥ 10,300
Iwakuni - Hiroshima ¥ 740
Hiroshima - Okayama ¥ 6,060
Okayama - Tottori ¥ 4,660
Tottori - Himeji ¥ 4,740
Himeji - Nara ¥ 5,270
Nara - Kyoto ¥ 690
Kyoto - Tokyo ¥ 13,420
Tokyo - Narita Airport ¥ 3,140

This is an other ¥ 82,890 in travel or ¥ 124,900 in total. The 14 day JR Pass is ¥ 45,100 so you would save ¥ 79,800.
Not bad right! In addition you can also use it for travel on local JR lines in Tokyo.

For the rest you are pretty much good to go, maybe Hiroshima --> Matsue; Iwakuni (kintai-kyo); Miyajima is a little much in just 2 days but certainly possible if you plan it well. While there consider a visit to the Adachi Art Museum I was very impressed by it, the garden is also very beautiful.

For Koya-san, You can't go all the way there by JR alone and the last part from Osaka is traveled on a private railway. A Koyasan World heritage ticket may be of interest to you here.

Make the most of your trip!

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about 7 years ago

Thank You Daniel for a quick reply!

Summing this all up, I see, that 14 days JR pass is a must have. As I will have really big savings. Even for one person it is a lot! And here everything times x2 as we will be two persons.

One more question just for curiosity. Maybe you suggest something else to visit in this day in/near "Osaka --> Mount Koya (Koyasan)". Maybe Mount Koya is not the best choice?

Your replies are very appreciate!

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about 7 years ago

Hi Again,

Yes your plans make for a very good example of how efficient a JR Pass can be.

I personally love Koyasan and it makes for a wonderful visit with your loved one (especially if you stay the night).
Other than that I would certainly recommend a visit to Kobe for a day or two. This Website shows many of the things that Kobe has to offer.

Hope this helps,

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about 7 years ago

Million thanks again Daniel! I will keep in mind Kobe and will look around on the web regarding it.

Have a nice day!

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