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Visit Japan with these Three Awesome Online Activities
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Visit Japan with these Three Awesome Online Activities

If you are like us, waiting for Japan to open its borders so that you can book flights to visit Japan might have you anxiously tapping your fingers and refreshing your news feeds. Feeling trapped at home and adventure-less doesn’t have to get you down, though. We have rounded up three fun things to do to get you excited for the next time you visit.

Plan for your trip to Japan

While you might not be able to book your flight quite yet, you certainly can satisfy your wanderlust by planning all sorts of other details about a trip to Japan. Book an “Online Planning Experience” with Arigato Travel and afterwards you’ll be ready to hop on the first plane as soon as borders open! 

You might just have got the plan to visit Japan, but where do you even start? There are flights to book, sights to see, accommodation to be arranged, transportation to be figured out and hidden gems to be discovered. This is where Arigoto travel comes in, to help you with your first planning session on how to explore Japan, you don't even have to prepare. Just share your interests, and they'll match you up with personalized suggestions, tips to experience Japan like a local and a free resource pack for planning your tript to the max.

Visit Japan with the best tour guides before you arrive

Take a meditative walk through a bamboo forest or take part in a money-washing ritual at a Shinto Shrine, all from the comfort of your living room with Heygo - Japan. Take a few tours with the country’s best guides and afterwards you might have a few more places to add to your bucket list.

Not being able to go to Japan right now is no excuse to enjoy what the country has to offer. With Heygo you can go nearly anywhere in Japan and explore live with local, right from the comfort of your home. Destinations to discover are all across Japan, from the sunny islands of Okinawa to the traditional capital of Kyoto.

Learn Japanese

There is no better time to start learning Japanese than the present, the earlier you start, the more you know and the more fun you'll have once you set foot in Japan.

Nihongo Master is an online social language learning platform which allows you to learn Japanese in a fun way through games, competition and collaboration with others who have shared interests. So, give it a try and next time you visit Japan you will feel right at home!

They have everything to get you started with the Japanese language and keep you going with classes starting from introductory level going all the way to advanced level. Classes are made with real world scenarios in mind, so you'll be able to apply them right away when arriving in Japan.

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