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Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Introductory Guide
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Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Introductory Guide

Table of contents:
Introduction to The Tokyo Paralympics
Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Sports
Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Tickets and Venues
Complete Schedule of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

With the Olympics coming to Tokyo in 2020 that also means the city will be hosting the Paralympics shortly after. Athletes from across the world will come to Tokyo for this major event, where for thirteen days they will compete in the hopes of winning gold. The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics will showcase just what these elite athletes with impairments are capable of, hopefully setting some new world records in the process. Yet another world-class sporting event you’ll need to come to Japan to see!

Introduction to The Tokyo Paralympics

The Tokyo Paralympic Games begin August 25, 2020 with the opening ceremony and finish with the closing ceremony on September 6, 2020. As has become tradition, the Paralympics take place shortly after the Olympics in the same city.

This will be the 16th Summer Paralympic Games and quite a special one, as it will be Tokyo’s second time to host the Games. The city first hosted the games back in 1964 and this will make it the first city to ever host the Games twice.

Originally the Games were designed to help with rehabilitation when they were created in 1948 by Sir Ludwig Guttmann for his patients. However, the modern Games have taken on a life of their own and are now an elite competition for athletes with impairments. That focus is captured by the name “Paralympics” as it is said to mean the “Parallel Olympics”.

In the spirit of the Paralympics being parallel to the Olympics, the Games are both connected and stand on their own merit. To that end, while they share a host city and venues, they have their own emblem, mascot and torch relay. The relay begins in Stoke Mandeville where Sir Ludwig Guttmann started it all, before making its way to Japan and finally Tokyo.

Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Sports

For the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, there will be 22 different sports for athletes to compete in. Many are the same events as those held for able-bodied athletes in the Olympics, while others are close variants, like wheelchair tennis and wheelchair basketball.

These small differences mean that athletes with mobility disabilities, amputations, blindness or cerebral palsy can compete. Events are then divided into classifications to factor in the mobility and degree of impairment experienced by the athlete.

Much like the Olympics, each sport has its own timeframe and structure. Some sports begin with qualifiers leading into medal events, while others jump right to the final medal contests.

See here for a full schedule of the Tokyo Paralympics and Olympics.

Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Tickets and Venues

A big part of the Olympics and Paralympics taking place in the same city is that the venues are able to be used for both. Just as the Olympics is set up with a Heritage Zone and a Tokyo Bay Zone, so too is the Paralympics. With fewer events in the Paralympics, there’s less need for the venues beyond these two zones making getting between events much easier.

If you’re hoping to experience the Tokyo Paralympics in person and cheer on your country’s athletes, it’s important that you organise tickets. The way that seats are allocated is quite limiting so you’ll want to get your Tokyo Paralympics tickets before they’re gone. First of all, you’ll need to find out who the Authorised Ticket Resellers (ATR) are for your country, as there are different ticketing websites for each country. To learn more about purchasing tickets for the Olympics and Paralympics click here.

Complete Schedule of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

Below you’ll find the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games schedule. Naturally, the Tokyo Paralympics schedule is only accurate as of the time of writing and may be subject to change. Check the schedule on the official Olympics website here.

August 28 (Friday) – September 1 (Tuesday), September 3 (Thursday) – September 5 (Saturday)

Track & Field: August 28 (Friday) – September 5 (Saturday)
Marathon: September 6 (Sunday)

September 2 (Wednesday) – September 6 (Sunday)

August 29 (Saturday) – September 5 (Saturday)

September 3 (Thursday) – September 5 (Saturday)

Track: August 26 (Wednesday) – August 29 (Saturday)
Road: September 1 (Tuesday) – September 4 (Friday)

August 27 (Thursday) – August 31 (Monday)

Football 5-a-side
August 30 (Sunday) – September 1 (Tuesday), September 3 (Thursday), September 5 (Saturday)

August 26 (Wednesday) – September 4 (Friday)

August 28 (Friday) – August 30 (Sunday)

August 27 (Thursday) – August 31 (Monday)

August 28 (Friday) – August 30 (Sunday)

August 31 (Monday) – September 6 (Sunday)

Sitting Volleyball
August 28 (Friday) – September 6 (Sunday)

August 26 (Wednesday) – September 4 (Friday)

Table Tennis
August 26 (Wednesday) – September 4 (Friday)

September 3 (Thursday) – September 5 (Saturday)

August 29 (Saturday) – August 30 (Sunday)

Wheelchair Basketball
August 26 (Wednesday) – September 6 (Sunday)

Wheelchair Fencing
August 26 (Wednesday) – August 30 (Sunday)

Wheelchair Rugby
August 26 (Wednesday) – August 30 (Sunday)

Wheelchair Tennis
August 28 (Friday) – September 5 (Saturday)

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