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The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadiums and Venues
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The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadiums and Venues

Table of contents:
Tokyo 2020 Olympic Venues
Heritage Zone
Tokyo Bay Zone
Olympic Venues Outside Tokyo
Full List of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Venues

With 33 sports included in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the elite athletes coming from countries across the globe are going to need somewhere to compete. Host city Tokyo has an impressive collection of venues and stadiums to handle this wildly varied bundle of sports. After all, you can’t hold equestrian, water polo and archery just anywhere. So, to get an idea of where the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will actually take place, here’s what you need to know about all the different Tokyo Olympic venues.


Tokyo 2020 Olympic Venues

The Tokyo Olympic venues have been collected into two separate zones, the Heritage Zone and the Tokyo Bay Zone. These two zones are based both on their location within the city, but also how they fit into certain themes of the Tokyo 2020 games.

At the meeting point between the two zones you have the Olympic Village, which is being purpose-built for the athletes of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Looking at the zones on a map you can see that together they loosely resemble the ‘infinity’ symbol. Not only does this represent the attitude and determination of the athletes who will compete at the games, but also the legacy that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics hopes to leave behind.

All told, there will be 42 venues hosting events in the Olympics. Some venues are only hosting one event, while some of the larger stadiums like the renewed Olympic Stadium and Tokyo Stadium have multiple events.

Heritage Zone

Tokyo has the rare honour of being a city that will host the Olympic Games more than once. It’s that legacy that is the core concept behind the Heritage Zone. Inside this zone there are venues that were used for the Tokyo 1964 games, some of which like the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium and Yoyogi National Stadium, will also be venues for Tokyo 2020.

The Heritage Zone sprawls across much of Tokyo’s city centre, with many of its venues quite far apart. It includes the big Tokyo Olympics stadiums, such as the rebuilt Olympic Stadium where the Opening and Closing Ceremonies are being held. Among the other venues you have big stadiums and arenas, but also surprisingly the Imperial Palace Garden which will have the 50km Race Walk pass through it.

Tokyo Bay Zone

In contrast, the other Tokyo venues are found within the modern Tokyo Bay Zone. Covering much of the Koto City ward, the Tokyo Bay Zone is all about innovation and looking to the future of the city. With that in mind, several new arenas and venues are being constructed for the games, such as Ariake Arena, the Ariake Urban Sports Park and Oi Hockey Stadium. Each of the new venues for the Tokyo Olympics will continue on as dedicated sport centres after the Olympics are over. Alongside these new venues, several temporary venues will be erected in parks to cater for events.

Olympic Venues Outside Tokyo

For the 33 different sports taking place in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic, there will be 42 venues across Japan hosting the events. Yes, while most of these venues are found in the city of Tokyo, not all of them are. For certain sports like surfing, cycling and football, stadiums and venues in other cities and locations need to be used. That means you may need to venture out to places like Yokohama, Saitama and even as far as Sapporo to sit in the stands and watch.

Full List of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Venues

Olympic Stadium Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Athletics, Football
Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium Table Tennis
Yoyogi National Stadium Handball
Nippon Budokan Judo, Karate
Imperial Palace Garden Athletics (Race Walk)
Tokyo International Forum Weightlifting
Kokugikan Arena Boxing
Equestrian Park Equestrian (Dressage, Eventing, Jumping)
Musashino Forest Sport Plaza Badminton, Modern Pentathlon (Fencing)
Tokyo Stadium Football, Rugby,
Modern Pentathlon (Swimming, Fencing, Riding, Laser Run)
Musashinonomori Park Cycling (Road Race)
Ariake Arena Volleyball
Ariake Gymnastics Centre Gymnastics
Ariake Urban Sports Park Cycling (BMX Freestyle, BMX Racing), Skateboarding
Ariake Tennis Park Tennis
Odaiba Marine Park Aquatics (Marathon Swimming), Triathlon
Shiokaze Park Beach Volleyball
Aomi Urban Sports Park 3×3 Basketball, Sport Climbing
Oi Hockey Stadium Hockey
Sea Forest Cross Country Course Equestrian (Eventing, (Cross Country))
Sea Forest Waterway Canoe (Sprint), Rowing
Kasai Canoe Slalom Centre Canoe (Slalom)
Yumenoshima Park Archery Field Archery
Tokyo Aquatics Centre Aquatics (Swimming, Diving, Artistic Swimming)
Tatsumi Water Polo Centre Aquatics (Water Polo)
Makuhari Messe Hall A Taekwondo, Wrestling
Makuhari Messe Hall B Fencing
Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach Surfing
Saitama Super Arena Basketball
Asaka Shooting Range Shooting
Kasumigaseki Country Club Golf
Enoshima Yacht Harbour Sailing
Izu Velodrome Cycling (Track)
Izu MTB Course Cycling (Mountain Bike)
Fuji International Speedway Road Cycling (Road Race: Finish, Individual Time Trial)
Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium Baseball/Softball
Yokohama Baseball Stadium Baseball/Softball
Sapporo Dome Football
Miyagi Stadium Football
Ibaraki Kashima Stadium Football
Saitama Stadium Football
International Stadium Yokohama Football


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