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New Attractions For Disney Japan in 2024
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New Attractions For Disney Japan in 2024

A new fantasy kingdom with three star attractions is coming to Japan’s unique DisneyLand experience in 2024. Find out more here. 

What Is Fantasy Springs?
When Will It Open?
Tokyo Disney Resort
How To Get There
Bonus Recommendations


Disney’s unique Tokyo DisneyLand and Sea resort is set to add a new Fantasy Springs kingdom and three star attractions in 2024 featuring Frozen, Tangled, and Peter Pan’s Neverland. This hugely popular theme park resort features a number of attractions unique to Japan and sees millions of international travellers and Japanese tourists visit each and every year. It’s surely to be an even bigger and more unmissable experience for families in 2024 with the opening of this spectacular new kingdom which has been inspired by northern Europe, medieval times, and of course, pirate adventures. If you love a theme park, or just love Disney, and you’re planning a trip to Japan in 2024 with the Japan Rail Pass then this unique DisneyLand experience needs to be high on your list of priorities, especially with the thrilling new attractions set to open next year. Let’s take a look in our latest guide. 

What Is Fantasy Springs?

Fantasy Springs is the brand new kingdom set to open at Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea in 2024. It has been built thanks to a huge 320 billion yen budget, which has been used to create a host of spectacular new attractions and rides based around three of Disney’s most popular films - Frozen, Tangled, and Peter Pan. The three new areas within Fantasy Springs will be:

1. Frozen Kingdom

Featuring the kingdom of Arendelle from the smash hit film Frozen, complete with Anna and Elsa’s castle.

2. Rapunzel’s Forest

This will include Rapunzel’s iconic tower, a lush, magical forest, and an extended boat ride.

3. Peter Pan’s Neverland

With Captain Hook’s iconic pirate ship, Tinkerbell, and the lost boys.

Alongside the three new areas, there will also be a new Disney hotel complex with more than 400 rooms. 

When Will It Open?

The new kingdom is currently scheduled to open in spring 2024.

Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort - Japan’s unique Disney theme park experience - consists of two main parks, Disneyland and DisneySea. Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disney resort to open outside the United States, and opened its doors in 1983. The park has been immensely popular by locals and visitors alike and as such, the park expanded and added DisneySea in 2001 – a park unique to Japan that has a nautical exploration theme.


Disneyland Tokyo was originally based on Disneyland in California and the Magic Kingdom in Florida and has a general western feel to the park. Attractions are based on a mix of classic and modern Disney films and the park is spread over seven themed lands. These include:

  • World Bazaar 

The entrance and central area of Disneyland, World Bazaar is a western style village where the streets are covered by restaurants and shops. It is the main shopping area for visitors entering and exiting the park.

  • Adventureland

Venture into the jungle and in this themed land. Cruise along tropical jungle rivers, and enjoy the Pirates of the Caribbean inspired attractions.

  • Westernland

The name gives it away, themed after the western frontier along the Rivers of America. Attractions include the Mark Twain Riverboat, Big Thunder Mountain and the Westernland Shootin’ Gallery.

  • Tomorrowland

Fly out to outer space and technology of the future. Tomorrow land is all about Sci-Fi and hosts the famous attractions of Space Mountain, Star Tours, Stitch Encounter, Buzz Lightyear’s Astro blasters and The happy tide with Baymax.

  • Toontown

The special place for the kids, Toontown is the suburban town where Disney characters live and come to life. Ride Donald’s boat, visit the house where Mickey lives and visit the Chip ‘n Dale’s Treehouse.

  • Fantasyland

Fantasyland is where the classic Disney movies are featured. Think of Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, Winnie Pooh and many others. Attractions include Alice Tea Party, Snow White’s adventure, Cinderella’s Fairytale hall, Pinocchio’s Daring Journey and the Enchanted tale of Beauty and the Beast.

  • Critter Country 

This land is themed after “Song of the South” where visitors meet bears and critters. Rides include the popular Splash Mountain and Beaver Brothers Explorer canoes.


The twin park to Disneyland is DisneySea, and is considered a separate park from DisneyLand. The park offers more than enough for a full day of entertainment and is worth visiting on its own. Due to its unique nature, it is the recommended park for visitors with limited time and who already have been to a different Disney resort. Like Disneyland, the park has seven themed areas, but it will have eight when Fantasy Springs officially opens: 

  • Mediterranean Harbour

The Mediterranean Harbour is the entrance and central hub of DisneySea, and themed as the Venetian port-of-call where visitors can ride gondolas and eat at a variety of Mediterranean restaurants. This is also where resort hotels are located, that overlook the harbour and further add to the port town atmosphere.

  • Mysterious Island

Mysterious Island is home of Mount Prometheus, the mythical volcano that DisneySea is built around. The volcano will erupt occasionally and is visible from all over the park. The main attractions of Mysterious Island include 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Journey to the Centre of the Earth, both inspired by the storytelling of Jules Verne.

  • Mermaid Lagoon

Mermaid Lagoon is home to the characters of The Little Mermaid, with all kid friendly attractions. Visitors can meet Ariel and her friend, and join her in one of her songs. Attractions include Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster, Scuttle’s Scooters, Jumpin’ Jellyfish, Blowfish Balloon Race, The Whirlpool, and Kids playland.

  • Arabian Coast

Themed after Aladdin and 1001 Arabian Nights, attractions include Caravan Carousel, Jasmine’s Flying Carpets, Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage, The Magic Lamp Theater.

  • Lost River Delta

Set foot in the world of the lost Aztec civilization, the Lost River Delta is home to the ruins of an ancient Aztec pyramid and surrounding jungle. Attractions include: Indiana Jones® Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull, DisneySea Transit Steamer Line, and Raging Spirits.

  • Port Discovery

This part of the park is home to the fictional ‘Marine Life Institute’. It represents Future Marina with the design of Retrofuturism, Port Discovery is home to two fictional societies, ‘Center for Weather Control’ and ‘Marine Life Institute’ from Pixar’s Finding Dory. Attractions include Aquatopia, DisneySea Electric Railway and Nemo & Friends SeaRider.

  • American Waterfront

Representing the northeastern seaboard of the United States in the early 20th century, this has two themes: the “Old Cape Cod” section, and a “New York Harbor” section. Part of the decor is a massive steamer called the SS Columbia. Attractions include Turtle Talk, Tower of Terror, DisneySea Electric Railway, Toy Story Mania!

How To Get There

Tokyo Disney resort is closely located to JR Haihama station, located on the JR Keiyo and JR Musashino Lines, and directly reachable from Tokyo station. The trip is fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass, normal fares cost 220 yen / one way. From Maihama the ticket booths can be reached on foot in 10-15 minutes. Alternatively, visitors can use the Disney Monorail which travels around the park, stopping at the entrance of Disneyland, DisneySea, and Bayside where hotels and shopping parks are located. The Disney Monorail is not covered by the JR Pass. The park can be busy year round but is especially so during weekends, national holidays in Japan, and school holidays (Spring holidays (mid March to early April) Summer holidays (late July through August) Winter holidays (late December to early January). During these days a fixed amount of tickets is sold and only visitors with a fixed date ticket will be allowed access. The best time to visit is during the off-season period and during normal week days.

Park tickets can be bought in advance online or in person at the park gate. Discount tickets are available for late entry. Because slots may be limited, prior reservation is highly recommended. 

Bonus Recommendations

If you love theme parks or you’re just looking for fun and colourful activities for families visiting Japan, or children of all ages, then Japan has you covered with a number of world-leading theme parks as well as aquariums, museums, computer games arcades, and unique experiences (such as driving real-life Mario Kart around the streets of Tokyo!). Here are a few bonus recommendations. 

  • Universal Studios in Osaka is another amazing theme park with some of the biggest and best rides in the world. It’s also home to the new Super Nintendo World, which is a huge attraction in itself.
  • For an alternative ‘theme park’ that’s uniquely Japanese (and also not strictly a theme park in the Western sense), you also have the newly opened Ghibli Park, which brings to life the films of Japan’s legendary animation studio, Studio Ghibli.
  • As an island nation, Japan is surrounded by seas and oceans and home to some of the world’s most amazing sea life. This means that Japan’s aquariums make for a truly fantastic family day out. Read our guide to Japan’s Best Aquariums for much more on this. 

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