Ordina la tua JR Pass
Ordina la tua JR Pass

Enquiries before arriving in Japan

Travel related enquiry

  • Does the JR Pass cover the Metro/Subway systems?

    No, as these are not run by JR. However local JR lines can be used for travel within cities.

  • Can I use the JR Pass to travel from/to the Airport?

    Yes, travel to all the Airports of Haneda, Narita and Kansai are covered.

  • Do you have a map with all JR lines?
  • Do stations have English signs?

    Yes, most stations have English signs and announcements.

  • Can I get a discount on the JR Pass?

    The JR Pass already is a heavily discounted rail ticket compared to normal rail tickets, no further discounts are given (such as senior, student, etc.).

  • Should I use a JR Pass or Regional Pass?

    See our Expert guide to rail passes in Japan: www.jrpass.com/blog/expert-guide-to-regional-japan-rail-passes

  • What lines are included in the JR Pass?

    The JR Pass covers all JR Lines nationwide, including the Shinkansen bullet train lines and conventional lines. For details see our JR Map.

  • Can I use the bullet train?

    Yes, the JR Pass covers all bullet train lines. Take note that different train services run on the Shinkansen lines. The Nozomi and Mizuho Shinkansen are not included in the JR Pass but the Hikari and Sakura Shinkansen can be used instead on the same route.

  • Validity related questions

  • When to order?

    The exchange order voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of issue. You are free to activate your exchange order voucher in Japan any time within the 3 month time frame.
    Therefore, we generally advise customers to consider making a purchase anytime up to 2 and a half months before their date of use. Fore more detail, please see: www.jrpass.com/blogs/exchange-order-validity-period

  • Is JRPASS validity period counted by the hour or by the day?

    By the day. For example, if you activate your 7 day rail pass at 3pm on 1st April, it will be valid until end of 7th April not 3pm on 8th.

  • Which lines can I use with Japan Rail Pass? Can I use subway and Metro?

    JR pass can be used unlimitedly on Japan Railway Group operated trains, across the whole of Japan. This includes all JR Group Railways Shinkansen "bullet trains" (except any reserved or non-reserved seat on "Nozomi" and "Mizuho" trains), limited express trains, express trains, (Narita Express) and rapid or local trains (with some exceptions). Further information regarding validly can be found here: japanrailpass.net. Subways and Metros are run by municipal and Japan rail pass doesn't cover them. For more detail, we would recommend reading our article Which lines does the JRPASS cover

  • What is the difference between the Green pass and ordinary pass?

    There are many perks travelling by First class(Green Car), such as the green car seats on the bullet trains have more leg room space and are much more comfortable especially for travel long distance compared to ordinary seats. Furthermore, having a First Class (Green car) pass significantly increases your chance to reserve a seat when you take bullet trains. For more information regarding Green cars, please see this link.

  • Does my child (under 5 years old) need the child pass?

    For infants, Japan Rail states that they they may travel for free and do not need a ticket, but this also means that the infant is not entitled to a seat. In unreserved, reserved and Green Car carriages you may seat them in an empty space, but should the train be very busy or seat reserved/required, the infant will be expected to sit on an accompanying persons’ lap. www.jrpass.com/blogs/japan-rail-passes-for-children.

  • Eligibility related enquiry

  • Who can use the Nationwide Japan rail pass?

    The Japan Rail Pass passengers must enter Japan with a temporary sightseeing visitor visa of 15 or 90 days duration. Passport holders from 68 countries will automatically receive this visa on arrival into Japan if entering for 90 days or less of non-paid activity. Other nationalities must apply for the temporary visitor visa before they arrive in Japan. Please see the visa guide at the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more information on the visa applications procedure.

  • I have a double/multiple entry status, am I eligible?

    As long as you have the temporary visitor visa, you will be eligible.

  • Who is NOT eligible?

    The Japan rail pass will NOT be activated in Japan if the passenger is a visa holder of any other entry status or visa type regardless of duration.

    • Long term visas which allow to stay in Japan more than 90 days
    • Student visa
    • Permanent residency visa
    • Tokubetsu Eijuken holders (Special permanent residency visa)
    • Entertainer visa
    • Trainee visa
    • Working holiday visa
    • Military entry status
    • Any other visas which are not a temporary visitor visa with the purpose of sightseeing. If you are unsure or would like confirmation of eligibility status, please contact us.

  • Questions after purchasing the Japan rail pass

    Order related questions

  • Didn't include my middle name/ second surname. Is this problem when I activate my Japan rail pass?

    Please do not worry. JR regulations state that only the first and last name should be an exact match as it appears in the passengers passport. There is no requirement to include the middle name, and it is optional.

  • Delivery

  • I haven't received the order yet. Help!

    Please contact us replying your order confirmation email. We will deal with it right away!

  • Delivery speed

    If you live in the UK, the US or Europe, most of the delivery time will be 1-2 working days after dispatch Please check delivery speed here.

  • Reservation related enquiry

  • Do I need to make a seat reservation?

    Seat reservations are free for all JR pass holders.. While you can take a non-reserved seat, we recommend reserving a seat in advance.especially during the busy period or festive seasons. This way you are secure of seating and don't have to queue up on the platform beforehand. Some trains such as the Narita Express, Hayabusa and Kagayaki Shinkansen always need a reservation beforehand. Local trains do not have reserved seats.

  • Can I make reservation online?

    Seat reservations generally can only be made inside of Japan after activate your Japan rail pass. Reservation in advance is only available for JR East area. We have some information on seat reservations here.

  • Reservation in busy period

    Trains can be very busy during public holidays and making reservations 2-4 days in advance is highly recommended. Note that the exact dates can change on a yearly basis. Public holidays are: The New Year holidays (end of December to early January), Golden Week (end of April to early May), Obon season (mid August).

  • Cancel or Lost

  • Left your JRPass voucher at home

    In order to activate your Japan rail pass, you must bring the physical exchange order. Due to strict Japan Railway rules, a scanned copy of your voucher , or our invoice, or order confirmation email is not sufficient to activate your Japan rail pass. You must bring the Japan Rail Pass Coupon with you to Japan and present it at the Japan Rail Pass counter. If you do forget it, please contact [email protected] and return your unused voucher when you come back from Japan for a refund minus a processing surcharge. Please note that refund is only available by your ticket issuer. Please double check where you purchased your pass from then contact your travel agency.

  • How can I cancel/Refund my JRPass?

    Cancellation before dispatch:
    Please contact us as soon as possible with your order number. At our discretion, we offer a 100% refund for orders that are cancelled before we ship/dispatch your order.
    Refund: If your exchange order has not been activated, your exchange order can be refunded within a year from the date of issue. Cancellation fee will apply. Please note that the refund can only be made on receipt of your unused tickets, the ticket has to be firstly be returned to our office in the U.K. (Please contact us with your order number on using contact form for the returns address and instructions.)

  • Lost activated Japan rail pass

    If you have lost your activated Japan rail pass at one of JR stations, visit JR Lost and Found as soon as possible and report your lost pass. They should be able to help you to check lost properties. Unfortunately, once the pass is activated, refund/reissue are not available.

  • Lost your voucher

    Unfortunately, you need to buy a new voucher. However, a refund is still available though it takes longer to process. In these circumstances we will declare your voucher as lost to Japan railway. Once they confirm the voucher has never been used, we will issue the refund minus a processing surcharge. This process usually takes approximately 6 months from the first date we declare it as lost. Please contact us using contact form below. Please note that refund is only available by your ticket issuer. Please double check where you purchased your pass from then contact your travel agency.

  • What to do in case of Lost Property?

    If you've lost something on a Japan Rail train or at JR station, don't give up! It’s not guaranteed but it’s highly likely you will recover your belongings as long as you are still in Japan. Please note that we are not Japan Railway so that we are unable to check your lost property. Visit the JR station lost and found as soon as possible. JR stores lost properties for a week. After this, belongings are transferred to the regional Police Lost & Found Centre where usually there is no English service available. Before visiting the JR lost and found, make sure you know:

    • The date you lost your property
    • The train you took when you lost your property
    • Train number eg. Kodama 653
    • Departure and arrival station
    • Boarding/Arrival time
    • Train car number and seat number
    • Detailed description of your property
    • Item name
    • Brand, colour etc.
    Be sure to include any unique characteristics rather than giving a generic description, this will ensure your enquiry has the greatest chance of success.