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Exchange Order validity period

Exchange Order validity period
Why do I purchase an Exchange Order and not a 'Japan Rail Pass', and how long do I have to validate it?
Your Exchange Order *is not* your "Japan Rail Pass":http://www.jrpass.com and must be submitted at an Exchange Office in Japan, along with your passport stating your 'Temporary Visitor' status to receive your pass. h4. How long do I have until my Exchange Order expires? An Exchange Order is *valid for 3 months from the date it is issued*. You must turn in your Exchange Order within this time to receive your Japan Rail Pass. h4. Do I have to use my JR Pass as soon as I receive it? No, you can specify what day you wish your pass to begin when you turn in your Exchange Order. The start date *must be within 1 month from the the date the JR Pass is received*. Once the pass has a start date written on it, *it cannot be changed*. Please see "here":http://www.japanrailpass.net/eng/en006.html for further information on activating your Japan Rail Pass. photo Karl Baron
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