• JR Pass worth it? Martxi79

    Dear All, We are hoping (praying!) to be able to fly to Japan beginning of July... First few days...
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  • 14 Day JR PassRegina20

    Hello All, My family and I are planning on a 14 day trip April 2023 with Tokyo - Osaka- Tokyo ...
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  • Which pass do i need to buy?wanchuan72

    Hi I have been so eager to travel to Japan again once the travel ban is lifted Need to check wi...
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  • Visa for Business reasonNacaduct

    Hello, As I'm from Germany I wouldn't need a Visa for travelling to Japan. Due to the Covid situa...
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  • Green Class Passbharat6951

    It is compulsory to make reservation for seat if we hold Green Class Pass Or We can directly ca...
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  • Jr pass usage with visa for family visitJanosch

    Hi, I'm going to japan with my wife to visit our relatives. Since touristic visa are not availab...
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  • Tateyama Alpine Kurobe Option ticketbharat6951

    How to buy mention ticket what are the benefits
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  • Resort Shirakami Joy train hilado1

    We have six days to travel from Sapporo to Akita. What type of JR pass should we buy and we would...
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  • Can I Activate a JR pass in Kansai?dahrs

    Hello, I would like to know if it's possible to activate a Kansai Wide JR pass in the city of Nac...
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  • The best way to learn Japanese online! The fast and easy way!Diana at Nihongo Master

    Thanks, Daniel-san! Nihongo Master is proud to partner with JR Pass to bring you a Japanese Lang...
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  • Japan in NovemberRajesh

    Hi, like countless others, my wife and I have been waiting patiently for the Covid situation to e...
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  • Japan from North to SouthMariana

    Hello! I plan on going to Hokkaido and travel all the way down to Okinawa, visiting as many prefe...
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  • How do I know next train is mine,?Stephen Conleth

    Travelling from Hiroshima to Kyoto, we need to change at SHIN-KOBE. Trian for Kyoto will be shink...
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  • Minimum transfer time Shin OsakaStephen Conleth

    Is Shin Osaka easy to navigate for JR Rail Pass 'neebies'? We are planning a journey from Hiroshi...
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  • 3 Questions to Save our Japan TripBart van Twillert

    Hello! I’ve got multiple questions about the JR pass and when and how it works, as the rules wher...
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  • Two JR passesBart

    Hi, I am thinking of booking a tour in Japan. The tour includes a 7 day pass. But I would like t...
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  • luggage and reservationyennyyustisia

    Hi! My family (2 adults and 1 child) will go to Hiroshima from Otsuka station after quarantine pe...
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  • Itenerary RuiTrancoso

    Hi, I will start in Tokyo (day 1) to Kyoto (until day5) to Osaka (until day 8) to Hiroshima (unti...
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  • JR PASSkeeleyx

    I'm planning to go to Tokyo for 7 days then to Osaka (by bullet train) for another 7 days, i will...
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  • Dimensions of the new JR RailpassYYP

    Are the dimensions of the new (as of 2020) pass the same as the previous version (4" x 6")? Than...
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