• luggage and reservationyennyyustisia

    Hi! My family (2 adults and 1 child) will go to Hiroshima from Otsuka station after quarantine pe...
    10 days 전
    1 응답
    155 보기
    8 days
  • Itenerary RuiTrancoso

    Hi, I will start in Tokyo (day 1) to Kyoto (until day5) to Osaka (until day 8) to Hiroshima (unti...
    27 days 전
    1 응답
    186 보기
    11 days
  • JR PASSkeeleyx

    I'm planning to go to Tokyo for 7 days then to Osaka (by bullet train) for another 7 days, i will...
    about 1 month 전
    1 응답
    1513 보기
    about 1 month
  • Dimensions of the new JR RailpassYYP

    Are the dimensions of the new (as of 2020) pass the same as the previous version (4" x 6")? Than...
    2 months 전
    1 응답
    1938 보기
    2 months
  • Welcome to the "Japanese Language" section of the JRPass.com ForumDaniel-san

    Welcome to the "Japanese Language" section of the JRPass.com Forum. Here you will find discussion...
    3 months 전
    0 응답
    4451 보기
  • JR Pass Lewisnuttall9999

    If I get a 7 day pass would I only have 7 days to use it? or would I have 7 days if travel to use...
    4 months 전
    1 응답
    2149 보기
    4 months
  • sol bravmansolbravman

    My wife and I will arrive at the Cruise Ship Port at on April 13, 2022 and leave on April 20, 20...
    5 months 전
    1 응답
    2818 보기
    5 months
  • Fall 2021Tanabe1949

    Here is a rough itinerary: 10/25 arrive Kansai -- travel to Osaka to overnight 10/25 Osaka to Kyo...
    6 months 전
    1 응답
    3826 보기
    6 months
  • Timing for start of Pass[email protected]

    Here is our proposed itinerary. Feb 11, 2022 - Tokyo, HND airport to Tokyo Central Station area....
    6 months 전
    1 응답
    3730 보기
    6 months
  • Using 2 passes at different times.Yvette Masters

    Hi, Are you able to purchase 2 x 7 day JR Passes and use 1 of them the week before you travel to ...
    6 months 전
    1 응답
    2079 보기
    6 months
  • Kansai Wide Area Passjetyeung

    Dear Sir/Madam, I am going to bring my girlfriend to go to the entire Kansai Region from KIX fo...
    7 months 전
    2 응답
    4215 보기
    7 months
  • Too busy in the olympics?tarsorocha

    Hi! Is there any chance of buying the JR pass and not being able to use it because it is too busy...
    9 months 전
    1 응답
    2986 보기
    5 months
  • Extending passMichael w

    Hello, could you extend the 1 year limit? Japan is closed and our pass expires this month. If we ...
    9 months 전
    1 응답
    2838 보기
    9 months
  • To emigrate to JapanMinamichan

    Hello I have so many questions about Japan, i work at a german company and would like to emigrate...
    9 months 전
    1 응답
    2602 보기
    9 months
  • Rail pass in the olympicstarsorocha

    Hi! I would like to buy the rail pass and use it every day in a round trip from Shizuoka to Tokyo...
    9 months 전
    1 응답
    2388 보기
    9 months
  • new N700S (Supreme)ers27d

    Good Morning, I want to ride the new N700S from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka. What is it called in Hyperd...
    11 months 전
    1 응답
    3836 보기
    11 months
  • Travel to Gala Yuzawa from Tokyolourelie

    Hi! We would like to go to Gala Yuzawa from Tokyo, will the JR Pass (7 Days) cover our shinkansen...
    12 months 전
    1 응답
    3231 보기
    12 months
  • 16 day stay in Japanahot

    Hello Daniel-San! The following is my Itinerary 11.11 - 26.11: Narita airport - Tokyo(3 days)- ...
    about 1 year 전
    1 응답
    6503 보기
    about 1 year
  • YokosukaMikeR

    I'm based in Yokosuka and would like to see the quieter side of the Japanese countryside. Do you ...
    about 1 year 전
    1 응답
    4027 보기
    about 1 year
  • Chugoku Regionjetyeung

    Dear Sir/Madam, Is the 7D JR West Sanyo-Sanin Regional Rail Pass (about JPY 20000) valid on both...
    over 1 year 전
    4 응답
    4816 보기
    about 1 year

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