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What to expect from a Green Car Pass

What to expect from a Green Car Pass
Find out what the difference is between Standard and Green Car travel, during peak season you may wish to invest to ensure travelling in comfort.
In a sentence: *Peace and quiet*. h4. No really, what do I get? Look at these chairs, lovely aren't they. The standard *Japan Rail Pass* is quite a ride, but a "Green Car Pass":http://www.jrpass.com/buy_the_japan_rail_pass_online is something else.
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You get huge, 40° reclining, *lazy-boy style seats*, with so much leg room it's a cinch to drift off into a deep snooze. You won't have to jostle for seats at busy times as the Green Car is always *uncrowded* and *quiet*. Your personal crew even hand you _oshibori_ wet towels and snacks, such as ice-cream on the Kyushu service! The Green Car is a luxurious experience, but it's also *great for those travelling with families or in peak season*. With its unused luggage room and empty seats the First Class tranquility creates a *much less stressful* travelling environment. h4. Seat specifics and carriage perks: * wide, soft, comfortable lazy-boy style seat * 40° reclining angle * multi angle footrest * longer legroom * personal seat radio * snacks on Kyushu lines * 2-2 seat layout * in trail magazine * larger windows and top-deck views on non-bullet train lines * unused luggage space * smoking area * little or no queues JR West's Hikari Rail Star *do not* have Green Car facilities but do operate on a 2-2 seat layout in reserved seating carriages. h4. View more images of the Green Car on our Flickr page Green Car 1 Green Car Seats Green Car Footrests
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