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Why is 1st class called Green class on Japanese trains?
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Why is 1st class called Green class on Japanese trains?

Recently, one of our customers asked, why are first class carriages in Japan called “green class” and not first class or business class like elsewhere in the world? Let’s find out. In order to understand where Green Class comes from, let's have a quick look into the history of premium carriages in Japan.

The origin of First Class travel in Japan.

For those new to train travel in Japan, Green Class is the more luxurious way of travel in Japanese trains. There’s more legroom, your seat reclines more and there are extra services available depending on the train, such as a special Green Class attendant, “Oshibori” hand cleaning towels, complimentary drinks (coffee/tea/water) and more.

Green Cars on local trains such as the Joban line in Tokyo have a special attendant provide a vending service and check your tickets at the same time (nothing beats Japanese efficiency). Green Class is also frequented a lot less than ordinary train cars making it a great option for travellers who wish some peace and quiet.

Historically, first class was just called so on Japanese limited express train. In 1969, it was changed to Green Class or Green Car. While we don’t know exactly why this was changed, there are two theories. The most popular theory is that Green Class is named after the pale green line that was drawn on outside of the train car designated as the first car, this way it was easy to recognize before boarding. The other theory is that Green Class was named after the green marks that were placed on the headrests of first class seats to designate them as such. Whatever the reason may be, Green Class is now universally used in Japan and can now be found in other types of transport as well.

The logo for Green Class is a four-star clover (see image at the top), this was chosen to represent good fortune and give Green Class travellers an added feeling of joy.

Green Seats on the Komachi Shinkansen.

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