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The SAPHIR ODORIKO luxury excursion train from Tokyo to Izu-Peninsula
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The SAPHIR ODORIKO luxury excursion train from Tokyo to Izu-Peninsula

The SAPHIR ODORIKO train is a wonderful resort excursion train, travelling from Tokyo down the scenic coastline of the Izu Peninsula.

Table of contents:
Introduction to the Saphir Odoriko
Route and schedule
Ticket and using the JR Pass on the Saphir Odoriko
Tips and notes

Introduction to the Saphir Odoriko

Luxury, beautiful scenery, and a relaxing getaway from the busy metropolitan life of Tokyo? That’s exactly what the Saphir Odoriko train is built for. A JR-East Joyful excursion train, the Saphir Odoriko is not just a ride but a whole experience on its own.

The term “Joyful trains” is given in Japan to trains used for enjoying excursions and special events. Ditto with the Saphir Odoriko, travelling from Tokyo down the Izu peninsula to Shimoda. Along the way is a variety of beautiful views, including Fuji, Tokyo bay and the panoramic coastline of Izu. Along the way, the train will slow down for riders to enjoy the view and photo opportunities.

Onboard the train, all seats are first class Green Seats, with a spacious 1 + 1 seating layout, and private compartments are available for even more privacy. The onboard ​​cafeteria serves an exclusive menu and accompanying drinks, to make the experience even better. Think of Satsuma Orange Juice, Numaccha green tea or Souun Hansharo craft beer.

There is also a special warm noodle set available for purchase, exclusively selected by Zaiyu Hasegawa, who runs a famous Japanese restaurant in Kagurazaka, Tokyo. His restaurant earned 2 MICHELIN stars in 2020.

The seats on the Saphir Odoriko can fully rotate, so the best view is always insight.

Route and schedule

The Saphir Odoriko makes one round trip between Tokyo and Izukyu-Shimoda stations every day. During weekends and busy seasons there 1 or 2 extra round trips available per day.

Bound for Shimoda:
Tokyo ⇾ Shinagawa ⇾ Yokohama ⇾ Atami ⇾ Ito ⇾ Izu-Kogen ⇾ Izu-Atagawa ⇾ Izu-Inatori ⇾ Kawazu ⇾ Izukyu-Shimoda.

Bound for Tokyo:
Izukyu-Shimoda ⇾ Kawazu ⇾ Izu-Inatori ⇾ Izu-Atagawa ⇾ Izu-Atagawa ⇾ Izu-Kogen ⇾ Ito ⇾Atami ⇾Yokohama ⇾ Shinagawa ⇾ Tokyo.

Extra stops and service changes may differ depending on the season.

Ticket and using the JR Pass on the Saphir Odoriko

The Japan Rail Pass can be used on the Saphir Odoriko but extra fees my apply due to the train having Green Class (1st) seats only and the last part of the route between Ito station and Izukyu-Shimoda station are travelled on private railways.

For those wishing to use this service, we recommend using the Green Pass, as it covers all the charges between Tokyo – Ito station for standard green (non compartment) seats, for those wishing to travel further to Shimoda, a 2840 yen charge applies. Using a normal (2nd class) JR Pass will only cover the basic fare, and an additional green fee will need to be paid.

Ticket Prices:

For standard green seats (car nr 4-8):
Tokyo ↔ Ito Station ¥6,270
Tokyo ↔ Izukyu-Shimoda station ¥9,110

Using Premium with extra view (car nr1):
Tokyo ↔ Ito Station ¥7,770
Tokyo ↔ Izukyu-Shimoda station ¥11,430

All ticket prices are one-way.

Extra charges apply for private compartments in car nr 2-3, depending on the amount of travellers.

The cafeteria with special view seats to enjoy the landscape pass by.

Tips and notes

  • Food onboard the train can be limited, it is recommended to book your meal ahead of time using the “SAPHIR ODORIKO” app.
  • The name SAPHIR, comes from the French word Sapphire and was chosen to resemble the sapphire blue waters of Izu.
  • The train replaces the older Odoriko view, Super View Odoriko and Izu Craile services on the same route.
  • Due to there only being a limited number of services each day, reserving your seat a couple of days in advance is recommended.

Photo © banner: Toshinori baba, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Cafetaria, Toshinori baba, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Train images © by JR-East.

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